Please visit our Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter (see bottom of the page) to stay up to date on for the most recent line-up of scheduled events. Here’s some general info about past and recurring events:


Sunday picnic

June-September, 11am-2pm

This summer, instead of running a farmers market, we are pleased to host a weekly community picnic. Join us every Sunday for a friendly farm visit. Pet goats, chat with the farmers, buy some beef from the farmstand, and enjoy a picnic lunch while your kids play in the backyard. Once a month we will also plan a special activity -- live music, kids games, educational workshop.


Spring Goat Day/Open House

We kick off the season each Spring with an open house for the community to meet our baby goats. Bring your kids to meet our kids! Have a bite to eat, walk the back fields, visit the cows and chickens, and of course pet the goats.


Chili Cookoff

In October we host a Chili Cookoff, featuring Happy Acres grass-fed beef. We bring in a band, the competitors provide chili samples, and you BYO-Taste Buds. This is the last hurrah for the season before we head into the dark days of our winter off-season.


5K Run for the Farm

We partner with local nonprofit Friends of Happy Acres to host a 5K fun run to raise money for special farm projects. In the past, these funds have helped sponsor a summer internship, launch our Sunday Market and provide other educational opportunities for the community.