Happy Acres Farm

Growing food, cultivating community


Happy Acres is a regenerative community farm in the Housatonic River Valley of western Connecticut. The town of Sherman purchased the former dairy farm in 2012 and leased it to Full Circle Farming, LLC in 2015 to create a sustainable farm for the future.

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Farm Team


John motsinger

John is a visionary leader and dedicated father, pushing the frontier of sustainable farming. His passion is protecting the environment and finding better ways for people to live in harmony with the rest of nature. He loves working outside, getting dirty and being part of a team. He manages farming operations, handles business logistics and is primary liaison with the Town of Sherman. (john@happyacres.farm)


katherine maclean

Katherine is an outspoken change advocate and ferocious mother, challenging us all to aim higher. She trained as a research psychologist, using meditation and alternative medicine to help people heal from trauma and transform their lives. She loves bringing friends to the farm to rest, restore balance and reconnect with the land. She manages farm publicity, coordinates events and is the head honcho of the farm household. (katherine@happyacres.farm)


Leia friedman

Leia is a radical psychologist and patient teacher, spreading compassion and mutual understanding to everyone she meets. She has studied permaculture and herbalism and seeks to expand our collective awareness of the deep connections between mind, body and food. She manages the garden, including our organic fruit & veggie CSA, and is the driving force behind many community events. (lfriedman.psy@gmail.com)


Mathew hollander

Matty is a punk rocker and social activist, shining hope into the dark corners of our modern times. He has practiced organic farming from Costa Rica to Utah and is currently learning wilderness survival skills, including the utility of wild plants as both tools and medicine. He is helping Leia with the garden and caring for both people and animals while living at the farm. (mattyhollander@gmail.com)